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5 Reasons to Change to LEDs Bulbs and Downlights

Why should I change to LED Bulbs and Downlights?

Here are the five key reasons for why you should change to LEDs and why you should select My Eco as your lighting solutions provider. 

ONE: We will help you to stop Wasting Electricity
A 100W Incandescent light bulb uses a staggering 1100% more electricity to operate compared to an equivalent LED from My Eco ($3.36 per day compared to just $0.30 cents).

TWO : Lower Operating Temperatures
All incandescent light bulbs get hot as this is how they are designed - the light they emit is a bi- product of the white heat they generate. Halogen versions of these lights can operate at temperatures of up 360 degrees (we bake at just 180 degrees!). A potential fire risk arises when any flammable material comes in contact with this type of bulb. LED lights operate at a much cooler temperature.

Point of interest - A $90m fire at Windsor Castle in the 90's was caused by a halogen bulb coming into contact with a curtain. 


THREE : We will help you select better Quality Products
1 to 2 years is the average life of an incandescent bulb, while an LED from My Eco can last up to 40 years!


FOUR : We will help you to reduce your impact on the environment and reduce your risk in lighting based accidents.
Changing your own light bulbs or engaging an electrician come with their own issues, and can include:

• Standing on a broken chair or balancing to change a light bulb sound familiar? Over 4000 accidents are caused in the home by falling off ladders.

• Employee an electrician? This is just another cost that can be avoided with LEDs from My Eco that won't need replacing for up to 40 years!!


FIVE : Many Others Select My Eco

Popularity is a great indicator. 


You can rest assured that many others see the value in upgrading their lighting, and above are the most recent 100 places (homes and businesses) that have selected My Eco as their lighting solutions supplier. The map updates on a daily basis and the location of the most recent purchases varies depending on our appointments and home shows being attended around the country.